Roundup Advanced Concentrate 1L

Roundup Advanced Concentrate 1L

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    Roundup Advanced Concentrate 1L

     Looking to eliminate unwanted grass and weeds quickly? Look no further than Roundup Advanced Concentrate. This fast-acting, herbicidal soap kills grass and weeds with visible results in a few hours up to 2 days after spraying. Specially formulated as a non-selective herbicide to control grass and common weeds, including chickweed, corn spurry, dandelion and plantain. Can be used in cultivated areas, too. To spot treat weeds and kill unwanted grasses, mix with water according to label directions and apply with any standard hand-held or backpack sprayer. Won't stain concrete, pavement, stucco or wood or leave harmful residue in the soil.


    • Fast-acting grass and weed control for gardens, landscapes, hardscapes and more (For control of grass and weeds within vegetable and flower gardens, landscaped areas, around and on buildings, sidewalks, fences, bark mulch, driveways, patios and gravel)
    • Non-staining formula starts killing weeds and grasses within hours
    • Eliminates unwanted grass and weeds and suppresses bi-annual and perennial weeds
    • Rainfast in 3 hours
    • 1L concentrate (mix with water according to label directions)

    Weeds Targeted:  Broadleaf Weeds, Grasses