Wilson WeedOut Ultra Concentrate, 500-mL

Wilson WeedOut Ultra Concentrate, 500-mL

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    500ml Lawn WeedOut Ultra Selective Weed Control Concentrate

    Dandelion solution! Kills dandelions and plantains to the roots. Weed out ultra is an effective selective herbicide absorbed by the leaves. Concentrated formula is equivalent to 5L of spray.


      • One 500ml bottle will provide 5L of spray
      • Controls up to 1000 weeds
      • Use in pressure tank spray applicator or hand held spray bottle
      • Kills broad leaf weeds in lawns including dandelions and plantains
      • Visible results in as little as 24 hours with complete kill of the weed in 28 days
      • Apply only when weeds are actively growing

             Weeds Targeted: Dandelion, Broadleaf Plantain, Clover, Broadleaf Weeds